Wear & Care

Our fabrics are tested for every unexpected wave, painful bellyflop, tanning marathon, or dune avalanche (actually, maybe not that one—contact emergency services instead). The prints are wet-printed to allow for premium saturation, resulting in superior color and better print coverage. We run stretch comparisons so our suits hold their form in both wet and dry conditions. And if that’s not enough, we also run quality tests in sunlight, laundering, perspiration, cold water, sea water, chlorinated pool water, crocking, dye transfer, and fading. Yeah. We exceed standards in all tests, so we can give you the best quality. So you can just keep swimming. And sunbathing. And sweating. And sipping. And relaxing.

Give your suit some TLC. Here’s how to care for your new suit:
Hand Wash Cold Water Only, Do Not Dry Clean. Avoid Bleach. Do Not Iron Or Tumble Dry. Lay Flat To Dry.